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Semi-Permanent Makeup- Microblading – Advance Health



Microblading is a method of tattooing using a hand tool, which creates ultra fine imitation hairs using a nano blade. The nano blade is used to create very thin lines into the surface of the skin to allow pigment to implant. The pigment that is used is matched to your natural hair colour and skin tones.

Consultation - £50 (This goes towards the cost of your treatment if you go ahead)

The consultation appointment normally last no more than 4o minutes. I will discuss with you that there are no contra- indications that will prevent the treatment from being carried out. This will be done by thoroughly examining your existing brows and going through your medical history. Once this has been completed, we will discuss the treatment in depth, look at pigment colours, brow shapes and finally go through the aftercare regime. I will then answer questions you may have.

Microblading - £229

Microblading creates extremely fine, natural looking hair-like strokes which mimic existing brow hair, blending with and enhancing natural brows in order to perfectly define, accentuate existing shapes, fill gaps, and even fully reconstruct completely missing eyebrows.

Ombre brows - £269

Ideal for people with Little, uneven or no natural brow hair, sensitive or very oily skin. Ombre is favoured by clients who usually pencil their own brows in and who prefer a little more definition and depth. The results tend to Last Longer than microblading as the pigment is inserted deeper than the manual method of microblading.

Colour boost - £50

A colour boost is necessary as your semi- permanent makeup fades over time.
When you come back for your colour boost we will tweek your brows by adding more colour and definition so they look refreshed.
The amount of time before you need a colour boost differs from person to person, and how well you have looked after your brows.
A colour boost up to 1 year after original treatment with me is £100 or after this Is £150
If your original treatment was performed by another technician then your colour boost appointment will be £195.