Dr Robert Rutlandhmpic10
Is a Doctor and Dentist specialising in Cosmetic

Dermatology and Cosmetic and General Dentistry

One day you look in the mirror and study those lines that furrow your brow, and you wonder: Where did they come from?

Lines and wrinkles begin to appear naturally as our faces mature. For some of us these lines can barely be seen when our faces relax. Others may feel that some facial expressions – laughing, frowning or concentrating perhaps – can draw attention to lines and wrinkles that they already consider to be too prominent. The aging process also has an impact on lips, which can start to get thinner and lose their definition.

Dr Rutland is a Cosmetic Doctor because he likes helping people to feel great about themselves and look younger. His aim is always to improve lines and wrinkles with painless smoothing treatments. With his expert knowledge and experience in Maxillofacial surgery. Dr Rutland is able to ensure a natural and subtle result.

Wrinkle reducing treatments:
One area of the upper face £190
Two areas of the upper face £260
Three areas of the upper face £330 - £390
These fees include a follow up consultation 2 weeks later to make sure you are happy with the results.

Facial rejuvention injections from £350

Dermatology Consulations £49.00

To book an initial consultation, a treatment or for more information, contact us on 01635 860331