Before your eyelash extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes we will measure the length of your natural eyelashes to determine which length and thickness is suitable. We will isolate each natural eyelash using tweezers, and then each synthetic silk/mink lash will be individually bonded to your own eyelash using an invisible seal that will give you long, thicker lush lashes. This treatment is painless and many clients fall asleep during the treatment and wake up to gorgeous lashes. Eyelash Extensions will instantly open up the eyes, giving tired ageing peepers an instant pick-me-up which will take years off.

How long will they last?
When aftercare advice is followed after your eyelash extensions this should make them last for the life of the natural eyelash. Each of our natural lashes are at their own stage of life cycle, we naturally shed 2 eyelashes approx. per day, so infills are recommended every 3/4 weeks approx., depending on the lash style set you choose and if you care for your lashes correctly. Infills are offered when you have 50% approx. of your extensions remaining. Waiting more than 5 weeks between appointments will generally requires another full set appointment price or higher priced infill.

Before Your Appointment
Please if possible arrive with no make-up on your eyes; however cleansing pads are available for you to remove your make -up but refrain from wearing water proof mascara before your appointment.
Do not remove eye make-up with oil based make up remover; the oil in the remover will affect the bonding of the eyelashes.

Refrain from wearing waterproof mascara or curling your eyelashes for 48hrs before your appointment as this can affect the bonding of the extensions.

It is not necessary to have an eyelash tint before your lashes are applied and eyelash tints should not be carried out no earlier than 48hrs before your appointment as the oil in the tint can affect the bonding of the eyelashes.
You may want to remove contact lenses if worn, as your eyes are closed throughout the treatment.


  • Do not expose you lashes to heat (including sunbeds) or steam for 48 hours, failure to do this will result in loss of lashes.
  • Do not get your eyelash extensions wet for 24hrs after application.
  • Do not apply oil based mascara to the lashes, this will cause them to fall out as the oil in the mascara dissolves the glue, even non-oil based mascara is hard to remove from the eyelash extensions without damaging them and a build-up of mascara can cause eye infections.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers; these will damage your lashes.
  • Be gentle when cleansing the lash area.
  • Do not use oil based cleansers or make up removers, ..Simple non-oil based eye make-up remover is recommended.
  • Use eye makeup that contains no oils, as oil will dissolve the glue. Liquid eyeliner and cream based eye shadow contains oils, unless otherwise stated .Pencil eyeliner and powder eye shadow does not contain oils.
  • NEVER pick or pull at you lashes, if you want your lashes removing, this should be done only by a trained professional.
  • Full set of eyelash extensions £65.00 treatment takes approx 1 hr 30 mins

Half set of eyelash extensions £40.00 treatment takes approx 1 hr

Infills every 3-4 weeks £30.00 treatment takes approx 45 mins