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Callus Peel

Do your heels look dry and cracked?

Do you have calluses on the soles of your feet?

Have you been neglecting your feet?

Is wearing flip flops starting to scare you?

Suitable for men and women, Callus peel can be a stand-alone treatment or can be added to your pedicure! Calluses are removed just like orange peel in 4 steps!

Step 1 – Softening
A Callus peel patch is wrapped around the bottom of your feet, and then covered in cling film to hold in place and a towel wrapped around your feet to keep them warm for 15-30 minutes depending on the extent of the calluses.

Step 2 – Callus Removal
We scrape off the dead skin using a blunt scraper, no blades are used. The calluses will have emulsified with the AHA ingredient, leaving it a bit like a gooey flour and water mix!

Step 3 – Polish
A foot file is used to remove the remaining emulsified and dead skin, leaving your feet smooth and soft.

Step 4 – Moisture
The treatment is completed by applying moisturising cream. If combined with a pedicure, your feet are the washed in the foot spa and the pedicure will start.

Treatment costs £50.00
If combined with a pedicure the cost is £60.00

We always try and remove all the callus at one appointment, but sometimes you may require more than one if not all callus has been removed. By removing too much callus in one appointment it can make your feet sore.

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