Baby Massage

Baby massage can be very relaxing for you and your baby. Babies can get stressed too being in a new enviroment and they also pick up on stress from their surroundings. Taking time out together for a massage teaches your baby how to relax and this will help you to relax too.

Massage has lots of physical benefits and for babies can play a vital role in circulation, digestion and growth. By using simple techniques you can ease the symptoms of colds, colic and teething. Massage can help babies who are premature and those with disabilities too, improving muscle tone and stimulating the growth hormones.

Bonding with your baby can take time and doesn't always happen easily. The bonding experience can be encouraged through touch, through spending quality time together and through eye-to-eye contact with your baby. Baby massage can play a vital role in this process particulalrly if you've struggled due to postnatal depression, an early baby or medical problems. It's a great thing for dads to learn too, especially if mum is breast feeding and he feels let out.

I offer one to one sessions or as a group.

One to one session's last about 1 hour and cost £45 (you may need up to 4 sessions)

Group session's of 4 people cost £30 each

If you would like anymore information or would like to book a session please call on 01635 860331 or email